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Can’t dance???? Can’t problem!!! Just follow these simple dance moves!!!!!!!!!! [x]

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take my hand and
walk into the light.

aw, font love

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The k-pop fandom’s feelings for Gangnam Style, displayed in song.

"We want you to win!

…I’m not even American!



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Everything I know about the Higgs boson in a one-minute music video.

— "I am curious how you manage to shift so easily from silly songs to serious songs. I have a hard time getting myself to do things because I feel like once I start, I should keep the same "voice" (silly, serious, contemplative, instructional, etc) but I know I’m comprised of more than that. You seem to handle emotional shifts with no trouble…just curious if you might have any advice. :)"


This is a comment left by jessherselfable on one of my videos today.

A huge frustration of mine is the tendency of pretty much everyone - friends, family, fans, strangers, media - to be extremely narrow-minded in their concept of who a person is and what they’re capable of. We like to be able to categorize and predict things. Often what is more categorizable and predictable is more marketable and successful (providing your starting point is something with at least a bit of general appeal.) But we need to be conscious of the fact that the pictures we paint of people could at any point turn out to be very different, if not entirely wrong.

My versatility stems only from my love of music. I don’t consider myself to be among the most talented musicians, lyricists, performers, singers… But what I believe I possess more than anyone else I know, and have cultivated more than anyone else I know, is a passion for creativity and an openness to where it will lead me. Everything I feel is something I want to express: love, hurt, joy, desire, anger… And of course the silliness which is so much a part of my personality can’t help but creep in now and then. I don’t want to limit myself to a single form of expression any more than I want to eat only pizza at every meal - and I am a guy who loves pizza.

On the one hand I wonder how so many creatives are able to confine themselves to only working in a certain way, or with a particular set of emotions; on the other, I’ve begun to understand more and more that you stand a much better chance of success if you do that. 

I am both thrilled and aggravated at not having been able to decide on a style for myself - thrilled because my daily work never becomes stale and I’m able to surprise both myself and the people following me; aggravated because I have to constantly watch myself alienate just as many people who found a happy song about unicorns once and were disappointed when they next tuned in and were faced with an experimental hip-hop piece addressing conflicts in the Middle East.

Ultimately though, if this is the way the world works, I’m more than content with the direction I’m taking. I’m able to make a living doing what I love. I have valued my passion for musical exploration above view counts, money, job security, a regular sleep schedule, and even my health and friendships a lot of the time (I don’t necessarily recommend those last two) but there is fulfillment and joy in my life in a way that, unfortunately, seems to be rare for most people.

To address your question more directly: I think it’s important that you decide what you want to get out of your creative work. Not that you can only decide that once in your life and never change your mind. But being aware that right now you’re most interested in making people laugh, or pushing the boundaries of a medium, or raising awareness about a cause, or sharing a skill, or shocking people, or getting rich - whatever it might be, figure it out. Let it be your guide for while. That way, at the very least, you avoid floundering around and letting too many other people decide who you are before you do. 

80s excerpt by Andrew Huang
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Help me name this song?

Excerpt from the glorious summer album I’ve been hinting at for ages

Yes, it’s 80s-themed!!!

Been struggling with the title for this track. “Any Other, “Any Other Lover”, “Boom Box”, “Don’t Wanna Be”, etc etc etc. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy this little snippet as much as I do. :)


I fucking love this video. Also I had to make this into a gif.


I fucking love this video. Also I had to make this into a gif.

Rhyme by Songs To Wear Pants To
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For once, I feel awesome by just listening to this rap.


We covered Hot Problems and Friday.