"We want you to win!

…I’m not even American!



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I want everyone to make their own ‘Dancing Andrews!!!’ Put them in the most embarrassing place you can think of. Provided for you above are full resolution gifs. Tag ’Dancing Andrews’ so I can find them!! >:D

No one slow zooms on my forehead and gets away with it!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA


now listen everybody, ‘cause i’m here to say
all of you should try and be safe
‘cause i don’t want to see you get a disease
wrecking your knees or rocking hundred and seven degree fevers
please, try and think about the consequences
don’t act like you don’t know what common sense is
and march into the battlefield all defenceless
how could you even be sitting on the fence
there’s no argument, better to be safe than sorry
you don’t want to end up as the top news story
you don’t want to end up with your feelings hurt
you don’t want to end up in the woods with no shirt
and two creepy old men chasing you so fast
that your most logical course of action is to try and ride a bear
that never happened to me…
you don’t want to end up in a hospital with no hands
people think it’s comical, but oh man
it makes things impossible
for instance, how would you ever even hold a popsicle
you don’t want to be dangerous, that’s insane
safety is my middle name
before you do anything, use your brain
as well as any other tools you may have at your disposal to ensure 100% safety


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