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how did we go from a romantic barbie doll concept to dark neon seizure-inducing derp club

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i just did the google thing with block b and oh my god 

Anonymous asked : If it was a mistranslation, then what was actually being said?

My friend Hayoung double checked kmedia for me and told me this. “In another article it says that the MC said, “Don’t you not meet at all when you don’t have activities?” and Zico replies that they “meet for work and we have our personal lives too”, and Pyo complains that him, Kyung and Taeil (dunno about the others but probs Jaehyo too) live in the dorms but only Zico lives separately.”

Zico probably lives on his own because he needs space to work/live in. Especially bc he works so late at night and has people like Poptime, Bumjoo, etc collaborators come in and out. That’s why they went to Zico’s studio in 5mbc separately from the dorm so they could check out his stuff. 

They spend personal time together (see any of Jaehyo, Kyung or Taeil’s twitter pictures) but of course they’re not gonna be together 100% of the time- they do have family and friends that they spend time with as well when they don’t have schedules. It makes sense that they would want to do that. Think about your own personal job, even if you like your coworkers wouldn’t you still want to see your friends and family too? They probably spend 75% of their time together anyway. They’re just more relaxed than other idol groups that have to be together 24/7.

If you don’t trust her translation/my interpretation, think about this. Literally NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLET reported on this. Not soompi, not Koreaboo, not Asianjunkie, not netizenbuzz. Zico trended on Naver the day the show aired- not because of this “story”, but because he did a funny impression of one of the MCs of the show and the discussion of Hyorin not sending him a copy of her album he featured on. Don’t you think kfans would have been upset if he had said “we never spend time together outside of work”? Wouldn’t there have been huge controversy, and lots of discussion about it? But NOTHING. No reporting nowhere. That’s the clear sign- AKP mistranslates stuff and twists things to sound bad for pageviews. Think about that Zico dating Hwayoung article- same situation. Literally NO ONE ELSE reported on it. Korean media mentioned it vaguely as “foreign k-pop website with strange rumor” and all of the comments were bbcs laughing about it being fake. (For the record, Zico and Hwayoung were friends 2011-2012 but we dont know if they still are- they deffo didnt date tho)

If you see a ~scandalous~ story on allkpop, stop and think about it a second. Check sources, and look at other korean media sites. If they haven’t reported on it over the course of a few days, akp didn’t “scoop” them- they’re just reporting straight up wrong information.

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My feelings towards Block B after learning that they’re only releasing the first print of the jackpot album while I’m trying to save money to buy the plane ticket to go to their live concert 12 hours away from me

h a h a h a

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